This Generation Church


Kingdom Women

It seems throughout history that women have been the core of the church. They are more faithful and more involved in the operation and ministry of the church. It could be that they have a heart built for compassion and nurturing. Our culture seems to find those traits at odds with its message. Women are not fragile, but they are treasures and deserve to be honored. Kingdom women are ladies with a burden and direction. They are here to lift each other up and encourage through life’s trials. They also don’t mind getting things done. Join the women of This Generation as they demonstrate the power of God in operation in hearts designed by grace.

Location & Times

Map IconThis Generation Church
409 W. Pine Ave.
Midland, TX 79705
Worship: Sundays @ 11AM
Small Groups: Sundays @ 6PM
(Every other Week)
Bible Study: Wednesdays @ 7PM