This Generation Church


Hero Academy

Sunday Morning 10AM 

Today we are surrounded with superheroes, they are everywhere. But what we are missing is the truth about heroes. They do not possess special powers or come from other planets but are just average men and women. People who have chosen to or found themselves placed in situations that gave them a choice to stand above the rest. This world needs more of these heroes. Our hero academy is for our kids to learn what it means to stand up and out. To learn the word of God but even more to experience it and learn to live it. The Bible says we are to stand as stars of light in a dark world. We believe in letting that light shine as early as possible.

The future rests in our children.

Location & Times

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409 W. Pine Ave.
Midland, TX 79705
Worship: Sundays @ 11AM
Small Groups: Sundays @ 6PM
(Every other Week)
Bible Study: Wednesdays @ 7PM