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Hope by the Numbers


As a pastor it is hard not to get frustrated by the news and by our culture.  Just read Facebook and regardless of what direction you lean it can get disheartening.  If you simply pay attention to just what you see and hear you would think it is all over.  You are just waiting for someone to put the going out of business sign up.


But hope is a Christian trait.  Hope in Christ.  Hope in His salvation.  Hope in the power of His message.  Hope in His mercy and grace.  Hope in His power and providence.  Hope is where we find the strength to move forward.  Yet how do we combat the fear and discouragement sown by our media and social platforms?


Sometimes we just must look at the numbers.  There are currently at last count 328 million people living in the US.  Of those only between 6 and 7 million watch cable news.  That means Fox, CNN and MSNBC fight over around 2% of the American public.


Of those 328 million in the US 37% claim to be conservative, 35% moderate, and 24% liberal.  Those claiming to be Christian runs around 70%.  The challenge here is only 36% of that 70% attend church regularly.  As you can imagine if you get to the nuts and bolts you will find that each category shades in one direction or another.


How do we find hope in all this?  Well, it means no one is in the majority to really change anything overall or in the long term.  That as always, the swing of the pendulum can bring drastic change one direction or another.  The good news is America is waiting to be inspired and motivated by someone who understands the most basic themes we have in common.


The church has an open door to make a difference.  You have an open door to make a difference.  Instead of closing yourself off and attaching yourself to a small group of people with the same thoughts, ideas, and leanings, reach out to those who share your concerns and needs.  As people we all have basic needs and wants in our life.  Most people just want to be happy, fulfilled and have purpose.  They will not find that in the current climate.  But if enough people start reaching out and listening and inspiring others you just might see the building of a coalition of people who just want sanity and common sense to reign.


America has always reached moments that require a great awakening of its people and the church.  This is that moment.  It is ours to win our lose.  Hope and the other Christian trait of Love can make the difference.